Events Coming Soon!!!

1. Design Day- March 29th 2019- Micro Class

2. SAE Aero Design East March, 2020- Micro Class

Events Participated in 2018-19 Season

1. Design Day- March 29th 2018- Regular Class

2. CSME Nation Design Competition May 27th, 30th 2018- Regular Class

3. SAE Aero Design East March, 2019- Regular Class

Events Participated in 2017- 18 Season

  1. OMMIC Senior Design Competition- 2nd Place- Regular Class
  2. University of Ottawa Engineering Competition- Innovative Design- 1st place- Regular Class
  3. Ontario Engineering Competition Participants- Regular Class
  4. SAE Aero Design East 2018 International Competition Participant, passed inspection and went on the runway as a 1st year team.- Regular Class